Booking Terms of Agreement and Policy

Artistic Subjection: Art is a form of expression that is purely creative and subjective to the individual. When commissioning Ray Williams Collection you are commissioning an artist craft. There is not a "cookie cutter" process to his photo shoot projects. Each project is different. We can not promise you that your project will look exactly like the images posted on this website or his portfolio but Ray and the staff of Ray Williams Collection  can promise to utilize the same level of professionalism, technique, and experience on all projects.

Concept Verification: All clients must submit within 72 hours of booking concepts, measurements, and project vision so that the production can properly be planned through storyboard adaptation.

Image Distribution: Your images will be administered to you digitally (There are no physical CD or print images). The file stays open 14 days after distribution. You will receive a  email from Ray Williams Collection when the images have been uploaded. The download cannot be completed on a mobile device and will need to be completed on that of a laptop or desk top computer.
There is no fee for the initial distribution of your project images, but if the files are not downloaded within the 14 days of distribution there will be a $75.00 hosting fee to resend the images.

 Raw Images (un retouched) are available to every client  at a cost of $5.00 per image with a 10 image minimum. (You must request this service). 

Basic Retouching consist of standard crop, blemish removal, standard color correction, and external touch up according to photographer's style.

Final Images Return (Retouched Images): Turnaround is between 2-4 weeks. This is determined based upon the level of post editing needed to make the image the highest quality as possible.

Payment Policy: Payments can be made with most major credit/debit cards via this website.  All final payments (payment plans only) must be submitted 48 hours prior to your shoot day. Payments are not allowed after that time.

Permission for Image Release:  Ray Williams Collection will only release project images to the paying parties. Should you choose to commission your own team we do not release images to Secondary Parties that may have been a part of the production. Distribution of all images will be done through that of the paying client. Please be certain to inform your team of our policy so that they will not contact us in vain.

Deposits: A deposit consist of 50% of your total project fee. Your deposit is issued to confirm and begin the planning process of your production therefore it is NON-REFUNDABLE however it is transferable within 14 days to the discretion of  Ray Williams Collection. Should you need to cancel and reschedule your shoot please see our cancellation policy below. 

Payment Plans: Payment plans are provided at client request for any project over $650. Once payment plan dates are set there will be no alterations to payment schedule. Your date is only confirmed once 50% of your project total is paid. If payments are missed  Ray Williams Collection has the option to cancel your project with no refund of previous payments. 

Refund Policy: Our client satisfaction is top priority. When you commission  Ray Williams Collection you expect high quality results and we have every intention to provide that to you, but photography is subjective.

Project rates cover the photographer's time and expertise, studio/location fee, team fee (if applicable), staff fee, retoucher's fee (if applicable), and development fees (if applicable). Because of the amount of parties attached to each project we do not offer refunds on photography projects.

Cancellation by the Client: Should you need to cancel and reschedule your shoot to a different date you are allowed per our companies policy to do so within 30 days from the original scheduled date at no penalty or cost to you. Should you need to reschedule beyond that point a $200.00 rescheduling fee will be assessed. The third rescheduling will entitle your deposit to become NULL and VOID and you will have to begin the booking process again pursuant with RAY's schedule. Should the unforeseen happen and the rescheduling of a production fall to Ray Williams Collection you will be notified within 72 hours of the situation and rescheduled to the next earliest available date upon Ray Williams Collection's calendar

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Thank you for your interest in booking your photography project with Ray Williams Collection. Each photo session is individually quoted to the specific needs of his client. The more information provided in regards to your project the more accurate response quote we can provide you.

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